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Aycliffe Homes

Aycliffe Homes, an estate agency based in the UK, embarked on a journey to rejuvenate its digital presence and fortify its brand identity.

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Aycliffe Homes

Case Study

Aycliffe Homes 🤪

Take a tour through this interactive snapshot, showcasing the reimagined Aycliffe Homes website meticulously crafted by Zenif Studio. The design presents a modern and clean aesthetic, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience with an intuitive navigation structure.


Aycliffe Homes, a UK-based estate agency, sought to enhance its digital presence and strengthen its brand. The goal was to provide an engaging and user-friendly experience for clients looking to buy or sell properties in the North East of England. Aycliffe Homes recognised the need for a comprehensive digital strategy and partnered with Zenif Studio, a design and marketing agency, to create a streamlined, visually appealing, and functional online platform.

Zenif Studio took on the task of revamping Aycliffe Homes’ website, designing an intuitive and attractive user interface, and establishing a compelling brand identity. The project required a modern aesthetic that would resonate with Aycliffe Homes’ target audience. Zenif Studio was also responsible for crafting the company’s logo and selecting brand colors and typography. The result was a fresh and engaging online presence that effectively communicates Aycliffe Homes’ services and values to potential clients.


The collaboration culminated in the creation of a visually appealing and user-centric website that adeptly conveys Aycliffe Homes’ brand values and services. The website now offers extensive information about Aycliffe Homes’ offerings, including a seller’s package that encompasses various services, from free home valuation to accompanied viewings, all available for a single upfront fee.

Notably, the website showcases an innovative intelligent technology system that employs a unique algorithm drawing from a vast database of over 20 million Land Registry records. This system provides instant property value calculations, reflecting Aycliffe Homes’ dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology for the benefit of their clients’ experiences.

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