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Spectra Finishes

Spectra Finishes stands as one of the South East’s premier commercial and industrial painting and decorating companies, boasting a rich history of over two decades of expertise.

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Spectra Finishes

As you journey through this interactive snapshot, you’ll delve into the elegant web design, user-friendly interface, and the vibrant brand colours that Zenif Studio has thoughtfully crafted and seamlessly integrated.


Zenif Studio took on the project of revitalising the online presence of Spectra Finishes, a prominent commercial and industrial painting and decorating company in the UK. Our scope included crafting a fresh website, developing a new logo, and selecting brand colours and typography to reflect the essence of their brand.

Spectra Finishes is renowned for its diverse service offerings, encompassing interior and exterior painting and decorating, commercial painting, wallpapering, industrial equipment coatings, intumescent coatings, floor coatings, and maintenance painting and decorating.


Zenif Studio has unveiled a newly redesigned website that exudes a fresh and contemporary aesthetic, perfectly in sync with the professionalism and quality of Spectra Finishes’ services. This revitalised website serves as a comprehensive platform, effectively showcasing the diverse spectrum of services provided by the company. It equips potential clients with detailed insights, assuring them of Spectra Finishes’ expertise.

The meticulously chosen brand colours and typography, masterminded by Zenif Studio, mirror the company’s reputation for unwavering commitment to quality and precision. The new logo serves as a visual emblem, encapsulating the transformative and professional essence of Spectra Finishes’ services. In essence, Zenif Studio’s work has culminated in a harmonious brand image and an upgraded online presence, adept at effectively conveying Spectra Finishes’ value proposition to prospective clients.

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