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Wicked People

Wicked People is an unconventional learning performance agency with a primary mission to revolutionise businesses by assisting organisations in unlocking their full potential.

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Wicked People

Embark on a visual voyage through Wicked People’s digital transformation. This scrollable image offers a holistic view of our redesigned website, spotlighting the innovative design features and meticulous details that mirror Wicked People’s fundamental principles and dedication to fostering progress and creativity.


At Zenif Studio, we were engaged by Wicked People to enhance their digital footprint, transcending beyond mere aesthetics. Our goal was to craft a design that authentically conveyed Wicked People’s values, sharing their unique narrative in a manner that deeply resonates with their target audience.

Our challenge was to bring an innovative, eco-conscious image to life. Zenif Studio embraced this vision and conceptualised a visual identity that embodied ideals of purity, integrity, and reliability.

The design wasn’t just about aesthetics; it aimed to instill trust and underscore the company’s unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of honesty and transparency in its interactions with clients.


Wicked People’s distinctive approach and innovative solutions have made a significant impact across various clients. Notably, the Maidstone & Tonbridge Wells NHS Trust witnessed the transformation of their People and Culture Directorate and the establishment of a new Operating and Communications Model. The Royal British Legion experienced a complete overhaul of the operational delivery of all welfare services. Simultaneously, the Medical Research Council underwent a Head Office redesign and the implementation of a customised Mentoring Scheme.

Zenif Studio’s masterful design and branding strategy proved instrumental in reflecting Wicked People’s innovative and contemporary image. This unique digital identity not only elevated the brand’s online visibility but also effectively conveyed its values and the array of services offered to potential clients.

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